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CSC Scholarship can help you get the money you need to pay for college.

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Scholarships are a type of financial aid.


Many high school kids, parents, and existing college students are surprised to learn that the United States offers thousands of college scholarships.

A scholarship is a money to you for free (money you will not have to pay back after graduation). Scholarships aren’t loans; they’re gifts that don’t have to pay back. As college expenses continue to grow, all college-bound students and existing college students should make applying for scholarships a top priority.


or college can be easy to get and some do not require you to write an essay nor do they require you to have a specific grade point average.

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Through its branch network, the CSC Scholarship is in 86 countries throughout the world. These branches maintain relationships with church leaders and movements in their respective countries.

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It may appear if you're a San Diego County high school student. that depending on whatever instructor you have, your odds of receiving a good mark are better or worse.

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