Bachelor Undergraduate Scholarships: How to Find and Apply for Them

Aug 07, 2022 8 minutes read

There are many types of scholarships for undergraduates. Some are based on merit, while others require a specific set of skills or a commitment to a particular field. Some are offered by the government, some by private companies or NGOs, and others by advocacy groups or other organizations. No matter what type of scholarship you’re looking for, it’s important to apply to as many as possible so you have the best chance at securing one.

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship is available for students who want to pursue their studies in Germany. This scholarship covers the recipient’s stipend, study grant, health insurance and care insurance. It is awarded to individuals with an interest in social politics.

China offers more than 270 universities with scholarship opportunities for students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. You can apply for any number of these scholarships, as they cover a wide range of benefits. Some may cover all tuition fees or only provide a living allowance.

Turkey’s scholarship program is renowned for its high-quality education and the opportunity to study at one of the country's top universities. The Turkish government also offers a number of scholarships, including the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship, which covers tuition and living expenses.

Boston University’s Presidential Scholarships are available for students entering their first year of study. These scholarships provide a tuition fee reduction worth $25,000 per year, which can be renewed for up to four years.

The Swinburne International Scholarship is a scholarship for international applicants who want to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. The scholarship can cover up to 75% of your tuition fees, and can be renewed for the second, third and fourth years of study.

The Australian National University offers scholarships to international students who are applying for an undergraduate or post-grad program. Under this scholarship, applicants from South Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa may be eligible to receive up to $25,000 in tuition fee waivers. Additionally, applicants who have completed their International Baccalaureate can also apply for up to $20,000 in tuition fee waivers.

The University of Melbourne international scholarship is open to students who are not citizens or permanent residents of Australia. The Parthenon-EY Scholarship provides partial or full tuition fee waivers and is available to students in all disciplines.

The Clark University Global Scholarship is a merit-based award that covers up to $25,000 in tuition fees over four years. In addition to covering the cost of tuition, recipients can also expect an annual stipend ranging from $5,000-$12,500.

Illinois Wesleyan University offers a number of merit and need-based scholarships to undergraduates. These include tuition waivers, which can be worth up to $30,000 per year. The university also offers presidential scholarships, which provide recipients with a full-tuition waiver and are renewable for up to three years.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program sponsored by the U.S Department of State that is intended for students who are looking to study or intern abroad. This scholarship is intended for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and has a value ranging from $100-$5,000. There are 3600 scholarships available each year and can be used to cover tuition, books, meals, housing and airfare costs at an international institution or university.

The University of Sydney offers a number of scholarships to help with the cost of studying. The International Scholarships Program is a funding opportunity for international and local students. Funds can be used towards tuition, living costs, or educational trips. They are renewable each year as long as the recipient maintains satisfactory grades.

The University of Calgary offers scholarships to students with outstanding qualifications. These scholarships are available for students pursuing any degree and can be received for up to four years.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University scholarship is available to international students who are pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree at the university. This award can be worth up to $32,000 per year.

The University of Auckland scholarships are available for students from all backgrounds. To be eligible, applicants must  have been accepted into an undergraduate, master’s or postgraduate degree program at the university and not hold any other scholarships or financial awards. Each award amounts to NZ$10,000 and is deducted from the recipient’s tuition fees.

The University of Western Australia is giving away scholarship for international applicants pursuing an Undergraduate degree. These awards are available for applicants studying the following subjects: The scholarship amount differs depending on the country where you are from, but it can reduce your tuition fees by as much as 45,000 AUD. Postgraduate scholarships provide a greater tuition fee reduction, which can be up to 30,000 AUD.
Students can apply if they're a citizen or international student residing in one of these eligible regions: China, Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand; this excludes citizens and permanent residents of Japan and South Korea.

The prerequisites are that recipients must not hold dual citizenship with Australia or New Zealand-status or be the child or spouse of a ranking foreign diplomat- are not members of the military forces except if in training - are intending full time study at undergraduate level for a minimum duration of three years. Students should be progressing well according to Australian grades-lettering system-and have achieved cumulative ATARs points equivalent to at least 90% percentile on both last sitting year courses.

Victoria University is offering scholarships to international students who want to study there. These scholarships can reduce the cost of tuition by as much as 10,000 NZ dollars or more. In addition, recipients will be eligible for on-campus housing if they apply before the deadline.

Berea College offers all enrolled students a tuition waiver and covers their educational expenses. In addition, international students are required to pay $1000 per year toward educational costs and $50 as an entrance fee. They can also earn money through on-campus jobs, which pay around $2000 annually.

The University of St. Gallen offers two scholarships to international students: the Excellence Award and the Starr International Scholarship. The Excellence Award covers six semesters of tuition, which amounts to a total value of 18,756 CHF. The Starr International Scholarship is more generous, offering 20,000 CHF per year to each recipient.

The University of Manitoba is offering scholarships to international students who need financial assistance in order to attend the school. These scholarships are available in all subject areas and can be worth up to 240,000 CAD.