Guangzhou Medical University CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

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Guangzhou Medical University

China Scholarship Council Facts

GMU offers scholarships for both pre-admitted students and international applicants. The CGS scholarship is provided by the Chinese government for countries with diplomatic ties and cultural exchanges, while tuition scholarships offer full or partial tuition per year.
Deadline to apply is May 31st.

Research Specific Scholarship Options

If you would like to be considered for our Guangzhou Medical University type B scholarships, we first need to approve you for one of the degrees we offer. These are highly competitive and admissions are very selective. If we accept you, which is unlikely because of this, and if you continue to meet certain standards (such as a minimum grade) then the scholarship will cover both your tuition fees and living expenses. This is not guaranteed though so it’s best to work with an advisor who can assess your eligibility and ensure that all requirements have been met.

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible to apply for the Guangzhou Medical University scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements.
  • Not be a citizen of China
  • Be healthy in mind and body
  • Be younger than 35 years old for master’s degrees or younger than 45 years old for doctoral degrees or have at least a master’s degree
  • Have applied to GMU, pre-admission is also acceptable 5. Applicants cannot have any other scholarships already offered to them at other universitiesâ„¢6, GMU cannot nominate an applicant as a candidate for the Guangzhou Medical University scholarship if they are nominated by another university

Filling The Application Form Details

If you are planning to apply for the CSC scholarship at Guangzhou Medical University, you need to fill out the following information:
Go to the CSC website and create a profile with your personal details. At this point, an online application form will appear. Fill it all in.
If you are applying for more than one university, then don't use this account - instead open a new account for each university scholarship that you're applying for.
Every university has an agency in charge of managing its academic scholarships; make sure to note down their agency number. Now enter that number on the online form on the CSC website when filling it out.
There are different types of scholarships available for different levels of study but make sure your chosen one matches what you want/need (e.g., If your course is not yet confirmed)
Once completed, click "Submit" and download/save a copy of everything; if needed include printouts with other forms filed together (this helps speed up any official procedures).

Maximize Your Success Chances

Guangzhou Medical University is one of the leading Chinese universities that selects candidates for the CSC scholarship through a rigorous process. Many applications are received every year, and the competition level is very high.
Here are some tips to increase your chances of being recommended by Guangzhou Medical University for the CSC Scholarship in 2022:
  • Check what documents are required on their website - each university will ask for a different set of documentation.
  • Check if you need to fill out an additional application form in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Some universities will request this in addition to filling out our regular application form.
  • If you know that there is some time lag before they review your hard copy documents, then submit your supporting documents alongside your online application form at first stage.
  • Double check all details of your submitted form before clicking 'submit'. Make sure you have provided all information required and included all necessary hard copies or soft copies with attached materials before submitting this application sincerely .
  • Get two nomination letters from previous professors if possible - these letters add value and weight to an already accomplished CV or CV book (resume). Having two letters from separate prior employers will make it stronger than one letter combined with multiple bosses' email signatures on that piece of paper."

When To Apply And Wait For Results

If you’re interested in applying for a Guangzhou Medical University scholarship, here’s what you need to know:
  • The pre-admissions process can happen between October and February
  • Fill out and submit the application form by April
  • You should hear back from CSC shortly after they review applications in July or August, which will mean admissions are ready to start September.

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Programs and courses available at GMU sponsored by the China Scholarship Council

Doctor of Clinical Medicine (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 30000

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