How to Apply for a Hungary Scholarship

Aug 07, 2022 5 minutes read

The scholarships are available for all majors and degrees, and they cover all study-related costs. If you are an international student looking to pursue a degree in Hungary, then this is the perfect opportunity! Apply now before it’s too late!
So why study in Hungary? This country has some of the most cost-effective scholarships in Europe. Students at this university can enjoy a high quality education while also having access to affordable housing and other services. Also, if you’re looking for a place with friendly locals and easy access to public transportation, then Hungary might be what you’ve been looking for!
This country is quickly gaining popularity among international students due to its affordability and high quality education from some of their top universities. Also, if you're looking for somewhere with friendly locals and good public transportation connections then consider applying here as it may be what you've been searching for!

The Hungarian Government Scholarship program is offered by The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in partnership with Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Food and Agriculture Scholarship is a program that provides funding for candidates pursuing their master’s degree at a university in Hungary. To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must be citizens of one of several specified nations and have an outstanding academic record.

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships are intended for students who want to pursue a degree in Hungary. It covers the costs associated with studying there, such as tuition fees, a monthly stipend, housing and health insurance. However, it should be noted that the scholarship does not cover all of the recipient’s expenses.

The CEEPUS scholarship is a financial award that allows students and teachers to study or teach at accredited institutions in Central and South-East Europe. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be a citizen of a CEEPUS member country and have already completed two semesters in their studies. Scholarships are available for students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees and last 3-5 months. Holders of the award can expect to receive a grant based on the country's cost of living.

Erasmu is the educational exchange program of the European Union. Under this program, international students can come to Hungary and attend university or get trained in a profession. Through this program, students can spend 3-12 months in Hungary. This is just one of the benefits of being a partner country. If you are interested in studying or getting trained in Hungary for a longer period of time than 12 months or if you want to do your internship here but cannot afford it financially then apply for this program as it will provide funding for your stay. To learn about this scholarship opportunity and how you can take advantage of it go to:  erasmuplus dot hu

To find out about opportunities at Hungarian institutions please contact their international offices

The Visegrad Scholarship is a program that provides funding to students from countries in Central and Eastern Europe who wish to study in one of the Visegrad countries. The Visegrad scholarships are available for candidates who are citizens of one of the Visegrad countries and are pursuing a degree in bachelor, master or PhD program.

Central European University offers a number of scholarships to international students. The Master’s Scholarship provides coverage for tuition, healthcare and a monthly salary. The Doctoral Scholarship includes a salary, health insurance and tuition. It also provides 36 months of funding. If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, go to their webiste and learn more about them or contact their admissions office directly.

The Excellence Scholarship Program is a scholarship initiative by Budapest Metropolitan University, which provides financial support to international students. The Academic Excellence Scholarship is a partial tuition waiver available to students who maintain an outstanding GPA and perform an accredited internship at the university’s administration offices. For more details about this program, please refer to the BME’s official webpages.

The Corvinius University of Budapest is a university that offers scholarships for international and local students. Some of the scholarships include:

There are also many scholarships available at this university that are provided by the Hungarian government. For example, there is a scholarship called the Magyar Nemzeti Bank Scholarship which provides financial aid to students who show academic excellence. Other scholarships include those for need-based recipients, excellent performers, and those who excel in extra-curricular activities. Doctoral students can also apply for Doctoral Scholarships at this institution.
Corvinius University of Budapest offers a number of scholarships for prospective students.