Huangshan University CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

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Huangshan University

Consider This

Huangshan University has two kinds of scholarships: bilateral and university.
Bilateral scholarships are only available to admitted students and offer a 50% tuition waiver for a maximum time period of 5 years.
University scholarships vary in the amounts they offer depending on the program you apply. If you’re accepted, you must pay an application fee which is not automatically given as a scholarship as well as registration fees for your courses - so do your research about tuition rates and other costs before applying!

Before Filling The Application

If you want to apply for Huangshan University’s type B scholarships, first you need to be accepted into a degree program. These are highly competitive and admissions are selective. However, once accepted by our university, if it is the right choice for you – we have a range of excellent scholarship options that can help provide funding for your studies.
Here are some things you can do once we have recommended your application:
  • Find out more about what the range of scholarships offered by our university include – will they cover full or part of the costs? Can they be renewed?
  • Find out what undergraduate qualification is needed
  • Speak with an expert advisor who specialises in this area so that we can work through whether or not you fulfil all possible criteria and all your boxes ticked

Who Can Apply For The Scholarships

You do not meet the scholarship criteria, so your application will not be considered by Huangshan University. We need these from applicants:
  • Residence outside China and sound mind and body
  • Different programs have different age requirements
  • Except master's degree holders, no more than 35 years old
  • Except doctoral degree holders, no more than 45 years old
  • Must be pre-admitted to apply for CSC scholarship and accredited by Huangshan University
  • No other scholarships available to applicant

How To Apply

If you apply for a CSC scholarship from Huangshan University, remember to do the following:
  • Go to the university’s official website and create a profile.
  • Click on an inline application form. Fill it out with all your required information, noting down the name of the school's agency in charge of the process.
  • Enter this agency number on all your application forms. Different types of scholarships are available for different programs, so be sure to select a scholarship that suits you best and enter in appropriate details. Press submit when finished and make copies as needed.

Improve Your Chances

Huangshan University is one of the top CSC scholarship universities and we receive many applications every year for this scholarship. To increase your chances we recommend:
  • checking the university website to ensure you submit the correct set of documents and not blindly submitting the same application wherever it is required.
  • if a second application form is required in addition to our TACEH CSC scholarship form, then please ensure you submit all documents necessary on that too.
  • if any university requires time to verify your documentation, then please upload soft copies with your app.
  • double check that all requirements for your application have been filled before submitting it. Recommendation letters add value and we recommend two different ones from previous professors."}}

When To Apply And Wait For Results

If you are eligible to apply for the CSC scholarship at Huangshan University, here is what you can expect.
  • Application Process: You must apply by completing the pre-admissions process between October and February. The CGS Online application form must be submitted by April. You will be selected for approval in May-June and we'll send your approval email around July-August so that you can join your chosen course in September.
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