Masters and PHD International Scholarships: How to find and apply for them

Aug 07, 2022 10 minutes read

If you are looking for scholarships to fund your master’s degree, then this is the place for you. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of scholarships that are available for pursuing a master’s degree in various fields like engineering, science, arts and humanities, etc. These scholarships are offered by different sponsors such as governments and their agencies; educational institutions; private donors and charities; multinational corporations; etc.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides students with a chance to study at Cambridge University, which ranks among Britain’s top universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. Other benefits include a stipend for living costs, a research allowance and funds for conferences and seminars. To be eligible, applicants must not be citizens of the United Kingdom or Ireland.

The Chevening Scholarship is an international scholarship offered by the British government. It covers educational expenses and provides a monthly stipend to recipients. International students who have graduated from a Canadian university are expected to go back to their country of origin and work there for a minimum of 2 years.

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree in Germany. These scholarships provide recipients with a monthly stipend intended to cover their living expenses while they attend school. The scholarship does not cover the recipient's tuition fees, but it does provide them with many opportunities to participate in educational and networking activities throughout their time in Germany as well as support when it comes time for them to apply for jobs after graduation.

The Swinburne University of Technology offers scholarships to international students who are pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree. These scholarships are available for up to two years and can provide a 10-75% waiver on tuition fees. They are available for all master’s programs, as well as some PhD programs.

The American Association of University Women is a non-profit organization that has been providing scholarships to women since 1902. There are several different types of scholarships available, including graduate and post-doctoral fellowships. These scholarships can be used for study at any level, from master’s degrees to Ph.D.s and post-doctorates, and award amounts range from $18,000 to $30,000 per year.

The Nestle Scholarship is a scholarship exclusively for women pursuing an MBA at the International Institute of Management Development in Switzerland. This award is designed to help women pursue their educational and career goals as well as contribute to their country’s development.

The University of Waterloo’s Master’s Awards is a scholarship opportunity for international students pursuing a research-based master’s degree. This scholarship is intended to recognize and support the achievements of newcomers to Canada who are committed to making their mark on the global stage.
Scholars will be eligible for up to 5 scholarships, each valued at 2500 CAD per term, over the course of their studies. To be eligible for this award, students must successfully defend their thesis or complete their paper.

The University of Laussane offers scholarships to foreign applicants who are pursuing an eligible graduate program. The scholarships provide recipients with CHF 16,000 per year for ten months, which is enough time to complete a two-year program. Recipients of this scholarship do not need to pay any fees for enrollment or tuition. They will, however, need to pay an annual fee of CHF 8,000.

The La Trobe University Research Scholarship is a graduate scholarship awarded to students who are beginning their studies at the institution with the intention of pursuing a research-based degree, either a Master’s or PhD. The scholarships will provide recipients with the funding they need to complete their degrees and conduct research. They will be supervised by experienced supervisors. Additionally, recipients will have access to all of La Trobe’s career advancement opportunities, such as conferences and workshops.

The Global excellence awards are scholarships that are available to international students who will be pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Dundee. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and participation in extracurricular and volunteer work.

The recipients of these scholarships receive 5,000 GBP per year. To be eligible for consideration, you do not need to submit a separate application.

Lincoln University of New Zealand is offering scholarships to international applicants who are pursuing a degree in masters. Students pursuing a degree in management, accounting, finance, tourism or rural development can apply for one of two scholarships worth $10,000. The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships provide up to $7,000 per year for students pursuing applied computing, agriculture and food science or public administration degrees. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and must be used within three years of being awarded.

Victoria University is a public university in Wellington, New Zealand. It offers scholarships to international students who are pursuing master’s degrees at the university. Recipients are expected to work 35 hours per week on research projects and maintain a GPA of 3.7 or higher throughout their studies. The scholarship provides recipients with NZ $15,000 per year ($12,500 stipend and $2500 for the PhD proposal) as well as full waivers for all fees associated with their degree program(s).

The Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship is a scholarship offered by the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. This scholarship is intended for students pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. The recipient will be expected to complete their research within three years of receiving the award.

The Rhodes International Scholarship Fund at Oxford University is a scholarship that provides full funding to students pursuing their master’s degree. The International Leader Scholarship is intended for international students who possess a demonstrated leadership potential and a talent for bringing people together. To apply, candidates must demonstrate an outstanding record of achievement in academics or another area of interest.

The Griffith University of Australia offers scholarships for students who are studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the university. These scholarships cover 50% of the recipient's tuition fees and can be used over the course of their entire degree program.

The Australian Government Research Scholarship is a scholarship for international students who want to pursue their studies in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The University of Adelaide’s Research Scholarship is available for students pursuing master’s or PhD programs in research-focused faculties.

To apply for this scholarship, you must have a great interest in architecture and want to pursue studies in that field. You can also apply for this scholarship if you are taking complimentary courses in architecture. Germany’s State Universities offer scholarships that cover all expenses including tuition fees, living expenses and a salary of 850 Euros per month. Some scholarships may also include subsidies for housing or an allowance for your parents so they can support you during your studies. The fee for learning German will also be covered by DAAD as well as many other benefits such as free healthcare and accident coverage

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship is a scholarship program that offers financial support to students from Commonwealth countries who wish to pursue their studies in one of the low-income countries. The scholarships cover the recipient’s full tuition fee, provide a monthly stipend, and offer an airfare reimbursement. In addition, successful applicants may also be eligible for a research grant.

The National University Singapore is offering scholarships to students from Commonwealth nations pursuing Ph.D. or masters degrees. To be eligible, applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting their scores for the TOEFL exam or IELTS exam with a score of 7 or higher. The scholarship offers full tuition waiver and provides $2000 per month for Ph.D candidates and $1500 per month for master’s candidates as well as additional stipends for successful completion of exams at the end of each semester ($500).

The Japan Scholarship is a scholarship offered by the Japanese Government for international students pursuing masters in public policy and public administration at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. The Japan-Australia Student Exchange Programme provides a monthly scholarship of ¥242,000 to cover living and educational expenses. No tuition fee is required and recipients also do not have to pay any application or admission fees. Recipients will receive an economy-class airline ticket when they begin their studies and are expected to return home upon graduation.

China offers many scholarships for international students who want to study there.