Military Spouse Scholarships

Dec 09, 2021 3 minutes read

Career service members of the military are given the chance to pass on unused scholarship benefits to their spouses or other immediate members of the family if they have been in the service for at least 6 years. He is obliged to serve for at least 4 more years once he availed of the military spouse scholarships benefit.

Types of military spouse scholarships

One of the military spouse scholarships program is the Military Spouse Career advancement Accounts or MyCAA that provides financial assistance up to $4,000 for the pursuit of a college degree or credentials necessary to get employed.

The military spouse scholarships include the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) which consists of universities and colleges that form networks and offer bachelor or associate degrees. The SOCAD is the SOC program accessible to Army servicemen stationed around the world; the SOCNAV is the service members’ degree program for Navy men; the SOCCOAST education programs are for spouses of Coast Guard members who wish to take up associate and bachelor’s degree; and the SOCMAR education program is intended for spouses of Marine servicemen. The spouses of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine servicemen can avail of scholarships through distance learning which does not require them to be at the university to finish their courses. With such setup, the military members and their spouses can complete the desired degree despite being transferred from one place to another every now and then.

Another military spouse scholarships assistance given is Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program (SEAP) for spouses and widows and widowers of Army soldiers who are residents of the United States that cover expenses for tuition fees, books and supplies but is limited to $2,500. If assigned in Korea, Japan or Europe, the Army Emergency Relief offers the spouses grants up to a $350 per term. The General George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) also provides partial assistance to spouses of airmen and officers in active duty assigned overseas who will attend college and take up a course or certificate that will provide more occupational opportunities. The STAP provides 50% of the unmet tuition charge for a maximum of $1,500 per academic year. The same STAPs are extended to the Navy, Marine Corps and Veterans’ spouses. Likewise, private scholarships are also offered to qualified spouses of military personnel.

The Air Force Family Education Programs grants Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) scholarship to spouses of active duty members in the U.S. and surviving qualified spouses of deceased personnel for their undergraduate studies to pay tuition fees, books and other direct school expenses.

Why avail of military spouse scholarships?

So many military spouse scholarships are offered for the completion of a college course, a vocational or technical education or an associate degree that will be beneficial and would uplift the living condition of servicemen’s families. With such offer of spouse scholarships, better chances are given to spouses to manage their own careers, obtain good jobs and be able to support the family should anything untoward happen while their spouses are on active duty or have rendered service in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps. Better opportunities await those who would have the courage to avail and pursue the studies once they qualify for the scholarships.