Military Spouse Scholarships

Dec 09, 2021 3 minutes read

Once military members enroll, they are offered school education benefits through the Post 9/11 GI Bill program. But military spouses can also be eligible for certain education benefits due to their position as a military dependent. This includes grants and scholarships for military spouse programs that can fund the pursuit of a college education, certificate or licensure course.

Many military spouses find seeking a career to be difficult because of the worries of military life including moves and deployments. Some might also find that it is hard to complete a course at a selected school when moving is always on the horizon. Thanks to online programs, this will no longer needs to be an issue for military spouses. Furthermore, there are several financial aid programs available to military spouses to fund their academic pursuits.

On Post Scholarships

While it may vary from one post to the next, you will discover generally multiple opportunities for scholarships and grants suitable for military spouses. Involved military spouses should check with the commissary, the thrift shop and the spouses club on post. Likewise, the education office on posting might also include a listing of scholarships and grants that are available for military spouses.

Unit Specific Scholarships

A few units and family motivation groups may have their particular scholarship courses for family members of those in the unit. This may differ widely from one system to the 2nd. However it can be to your advantage to check into this avenue as the competition is typically much less compared to other courses. Along with the active duty range, some also have memorial foundations or additional Veteran organizations for the unit that promises scholarships as well. Such scholarships normally don’t possess any financial need requirements and merely demand that the beneficiary be the family member of someone who served within that particular unit.

School Programs

With the new military spouse residency act, military spouses have to be treated the same as in-state citizens for tuition reasons. In the past, due to repeated moves, military spouses were cut simply because that they were in no way in a location long enough to build residency and carried out an educational course. This new act prevents that from happening and permits colleges to cost all military spouses the in-state tuition price regardless of their residency status in that state.

The college might also have a list of scholarships and grants that are available specifically for military spouses. This really is particularly correct for military spouses of those who have been wounded in action or killed in action. The state on its own may also offer programs for spouses and young children in any of these categories.

Military spouses who desire to undertake higher educational goals should not allow the fact that they are married to a person who serves prevent them from achieving their dreams. There are many programs available to help with the cost of a college or specialized school education. In addition to military specific scholarships and grants, military spouses are likely to apply for federal and state aid by completing the FASFA application online. The school financial assistance office or the training office on post can assist in filling out this application.