Ningbo University of Technology CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

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Ningbo University of Technology

Good To Know

Here are the details you need to know about applying for scholarships at Ningbo University of Technology
  • Ningbo University of Technology offers scholarships only for pre-admitted students.
  • It has two types of scholarships - bilateral programs set up by the Chinese government, and CGS university scholarship  programs - which are only available to postgraduate students applying for masters or PhD programs. Both types of scholarship can be submitted online. There is no additional requirement to send hard copies in. You can apply for more than one scholarship, but some cannot be combined with each other. The university will provide tuition, accommodation, medical insurance and a monthly stipend if it is a full scholarship in Type A or Type B.

Do Your Research

Ningbo University of Technology uses a three-tier system to determine the applications for their scholarships. Applicants for the Type B category of scholarships, which are decided on by university faculty, need to meet very high academic standards. This level dominates and is highly competitive. To get a recommendation from this university, one must have an excellent academic record and all of their paperwork in order. For more information about the types of funding available through this scholarship option and general requirements, please contact Ningbo University of Technology directly at 800-557-5530 ISIL A/S

Are You Suitable For The CSC Scholarship

Ningbo University of Technology (NBU) is committed to attracting international, high quality students by providing scholarships. To be eligible for the CSC scholarship you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a citizen of an unlisted country and have a sound mind and healthy body at least 18 years old
  • Different programs have different age restrictions, see website
  • Hold an undergraduate degree that is accredited by NBUS or its equivalent at least one year before applying. Must also apply pre-admitted to NBUS first to be considered for CSC scholarships
  • Not be eligible for other available scholarships at other universities

How To Apply

If you are planning to apply for the Ningbo University of Technology scholarship, please fill out our application form in this manner:
Visit our website to create a CSE profile for yourself with your contact information. Once there, you will be asked to complete an inline application form. Fill in all the details required.
Select the type of scholarship that suits your study level and provide all the required information accordingly. Ensure it is true and do not make any false statements or give any incorrect details .
Submit your application by clicking on "submit". The portal will ask for confirmation before finalizing the submission process. Please print out your submitted application form and keep a copy for future references if needed . For more information contact our admissions team directly at 123-555-1234 ext .

Maximize Your Success Chances

Degree-granting universities in China are invited to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship. Applications can be submitted online or through mail. Although there are no restrictions on your academic choices, students without US study experience are strongly advised to consider universities in close proximity to their desired field of study. Students who have also applied for other scholarships at their home campus should submit a separate online or mail application to the CSC Office.
Before submitting an application, please check the documents required by the university at as requirements vary from one university to another depending on factors such as their programs, geographical location, and number of courses taught in English etcetera). Candidates who live abroad may apply if they meet eligibility criteria and submit their documents via e-mail at scholarship@cscollegeofsummerinstructionshackathon2022dd99959996gxjizypypypyp0ry4e8w8vef7d4351zy5kky7ew2a7df5mcc

China Scholarship Council Application And Results Time Frame

- to apply for the scholarship, start by filling in the Ningbo University of Technology application form and submit it by April.
  • you can expect an email from CSC to say they’ve approved your application in around July-August so "good luck with your applications"!

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