PhD studentship in Education at the Department of Education in Sweden

Dec 09, 2021 3 minutes read

Deadline for applications: April 1, 2022.

At the Department of Education research is conducted in nine research areas with nationally as well as internationally acknowledged researchers. The Department of Education at Stockholm University is the largest of its kind in Sweden, hosting three research disciplines; pedagogy, didactics and international and comparative education. It is also one of the largest departments at Stockholm University.

The position as Phd student will be placed in one of the different research areas in pedagogy after admission. The applicants are encouraged to seek information about the different research areas and make her/his own research profile in the application and the research plan in relation to one of these areas.

In the research plan the applicant must clearly state a research problem of her or his own choice and write on the feasible methodologies and theories to make a study on this problem. This plan will be used to judge the applicant’s prospects of assimilating research studies, perform a research study and write a doctoral thesis.

Employment as a PhD student
Duration of the position: although the contract is for one year at a time, the complete doctoral education corresponds to four years of full-time studies.

As an employed Phd student institutional work such as teaching and administration is allowed at a maximum of 20 %.

Stockholm University´s Requirements: Applicants must have completed a research degree (e.g. Masters) or university study of 240 credit points (ECTS) (4 years), with at least 60 ECTS (1 year) at the advanced (research) level. Applicants that completed their degree before the 1st of July 2018 and at that point had a complete degree of the required 180 ECTS will be able to apply until 2026. The degree must contain a written thesis of 15 ECTS.

Department Requirements:

  • English from upper secondary level or passed TOEFL test,
  • At least 90 ECTS in pedagogy/education including a written thesis of 15 ECTS, or 90 credit points in another relevant social science discipline including a written thesis of 15 ECTS.

Selection criteria
The basis for selection is the applicant’s ability to succeed at research training; i.e. the quality of earlier writings (undergraduate thesis and an additional piece of writing of your own choice) and the quality of the research-plan written for this application. The personal abilities might also be assessed in an interview.

The application should be sent in 3 copies, single paged print without staples and must contain:

  • a formal letter of application,
  • a filled in form,
  • CV,
  • a research plan (3-15 pages) containing a letter of intent – why you are applying for research education – what research problem you want to study etc.,
  • your undergraduate thesis of 15 ECTS and one other written scientific text,
  • copies of examination certificates and/or other proof of eligibility,
  • contact details of two persons (referees).

Please send your application, marked with the reference number SU 617-0656-11, no later than April 1, 2022 to:
Stockholm University