Postdoctoral Scholarship 2022 Political Science and Public Management, University of Southern, Denmark

Dec 09, 2021 1 minutes read

Department of Political Science and Public Management funded Postdoctoral Scholarship in Political Science and Public Management in Denmark Scholarships 2011

Study Subject(s): Political Science and Public Management
College Scholarship Level: Postdoctoral
Scholarship Provider: University of Southern Denmark
Scholarships can be taken at: Denmark

Applicants must have a PhD degree in Political Science. Applicants are also expected to have a promising academic profile and the ability to contribute not only to the research environment at the department but also the different educational programmes, notably at the BA and MA in political science. The applicant is also expected to take part in the social life and events at the department in order to contribute to a positive and open working environment.

Scholarship Description: The post.doc. position is connected to the research programme “Beyond Class Politics” focusing especially on contemporary processes of welfare state reform in advanced western democracies. The research programme begins June 1, 2022 and will run for three years. The main purpose is to analyze political processes of welfare state change on a comparative basis. The programme integrates three general perspectives as it analyzes how
a) changes within the organization of political parties,
b) altered relationships between interest groups and political authorities, and
c) the mediatization of politics have changed the ways governments pursue political reforms during the post-war period.

Postdoctoral Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 June 2022