Qinghai University CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

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Qinghai University

Good To Know

When applying for scholarships at Qinghai University you should be aware of the following.
  • Scholarships are for pre-admits only
  • The university has two types of scholarships, Bilateral Program (for undergraduate students and graduates) and CGS University Scholarship  Program (for graduate programs).
  • There is no application fee for scholarships. You pay application fee only to apply to graduate studies at the university.
  • You can apply for multiple scholarship at once, but not all scholarships are compatible so look into each one before you accept them all.
  • Full scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, and monthly stipend

Before Filling The Application

You can apply for the type B category scholarships that Qinghai University offers. It is highly competitive and you're only likely to get a recommendation by Qinghai University if you meet very strict requirements, so we recommend you:
  • Find out about the range of courses available at the university. It's one of China's leading institutions and there are a lot of programs to research at the bottom of this article
  • Find out whether awards are offered specifically to students from other countries, or whether they can be awarded to students from other cities in China. You also should find out how much funding award recipients get each year and whether award provides funding for more than one year
  • Meet with a university scholarship counsellor directly, if possible!

Who Is Eligible For The Scholarships

If you are not eligible for this scholarship, don't bother applying. To qualify, you must be a citizen of a country other than China and have sound mind and body. You can only apply if your Master's program is less than 35 years old, your Doctoral program is less than 45 years old, you are pre-admitted at Sec Sec University to apply for this scholarship, and another university has not already offered you a scholarship.

Filling The Form Step By Step

Opt to apply for the Qinghai University Scholarship if you meet the requirements. You'll need to complete an online application with all your personal information. Use a different account for each scholarship that you're applying to, as you can't submit from this site. Be sure to note your agency number, as it's required when completing the CSC's online application form. Choose from a range of scholarships depending on your study level and provide true information in the form. Submit and download a copy of your completed application via email or print a hard copy for later reference.

Maximize The Probability Of Winning The Scholarship

The Qinghai University is one of the leading CSC scholarship-selecting universities. CSC Scholarship-selecting universities require rigorous and high-level competition for considerably large number of applicants every year. Here are some steps to help you better your chances of becoming a recipient of the Qinghai University's CSC scholarship in 2022:
  • Check the university website for specific requirements for each university. There are different sets required materials at different universities, so be sure to pick up on these differences if necessary.
  • If any additional application form is needed, make sure you include this separate form along with your application form. Some need this extra document before decision making is allowed,
  • If an inquiry period with verification exam is required prior to taking full application submission by mail or mail submissions during restricted hours, then submit soft copies with initial hard copies alongside initial contact information
  • Double check that all required items have been uploaded into online applications
  • Get two recommendation letters from professors who previously taught you

China Scholarship Council Application Deadlines

When applying for the CSC scholarship from Qinghai University, expect to wait about a month between each of these processes:
  • Pre-admission: all applications must be submitted by February
  • CGS online application form submitted by April
  • Selection will take place in May or June, after which you’ll be notified of approval around July or August. You can then register for courses in September.

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