ROTC Scholarships

Dec 09, 2021 2 minutes read

ROTC scholarships are offered in many colleges and universities around the world to help students pay for their tuition and at the same time provide opportunities for them to succeed in a competitive environment. These scholarships are not only awarded based on the financial needs of the students but based on their merit and grades as well. In exchange for receiving Reserved Officer Training Corps or ROTC scholarships, potential military officer students are required to undergo an extensive training for them to prepare and fulfill their military service obligation to their country. Most of the ROTC officers join the army, marine corps, navy and air force after graduation or after they have completed the ROT C program.

Understanding ROTC scholarships is necessary especially for students who wish to earn a college degree but lacks enough funds to pursue his or her education. With this military option, students are given the chance go to college without worrying about paying his tuition or buying the books he needs. In order to get ROTC scholarships, students must meet the qualifications and other eligibility requirements before they can be part of the ROTC scholarship program. Most college and universities generally require that the student must be an American citizen with age between 17 to 26, must have a high school diploma with a minimum GPA of 2.5, must be able to meet the physical standards, must have a minimum SAT score of 950 and must be ready to accept a commission as an officer of his chosen field (army, navy, marine corps or air force).

How to apply for ROTC scholarships

To apply for ROTC scholarships, here are some simple steps that applicants can follow to speed up the application process.

• Before looking for a branch that appeals to you, ask yourself first if you are really determined and serious about serving in the military.
• If you are firm in your decision to enter the military, start checking the ROTC scholarships eligibility qualifications of the service that you want to join in.
• Visit the ROTC web site and fill out the online application on your chosen branch.
• Take the ACT or SAT college entrance examination and make sure that you get the average score or the minimum SAT score of 950 or higher.
• Choose the school with an ROTC program of your chosen branch of service and enroll to gain admittance.
• Get ready for the physical fitness test. Make sure that you are fit enough and in good shape to pass the test.
• Take the medical examination and interview. Once you passed and completed the entire process, then you’re good to go.

Most ROTC scholarships provide monthly stipend and extra allowances to pay for books and other school fees. Students who are awarded with ROTC scholarships are expected to serve in their chosen branch of service in exchange for the scholarship program. For the Navy and Marine Corps, a five-year commitment on active duty, an eight-year commitment in the Army, and four-year commitment of active duty service in Air Force.