The Turkey Burslari Scholarship for International Students

Aug 07, 2022 3 minutes read

Turkey is a country located in the heart of Eurasia, which has been attracting international students for its top-notch educational opportunities for many years. The Turkish Government offers scholarships to international students who wish to pursue their degree at one of the many reputable Turkish universities. These scholarships are meant to help cover expenses and provide financial aid, so they are an ideal way for prospective students to take advantage of all that Turkey has to offer.

Turkey offers many scholarship opportunities for international students each year. These scholarships are available for students who want to study in Turkey and do not have the financial means to do so on their own. Some of the scholarships include: The Turkish Government Scholarship, The Ankara University Academic Merit Scholarship, and The TÜBITAK  Academic Excellence Scholarships.

CoHE is an organization which provides financial support to international students in Turkey. The scholarship is open for applicants from countries that have signed a protocol with CoHE. Scholarships are available for Turkish language courses, tuition fees and health care. Those who are not proficient in the Turkish language can take a preparatory course before starting their studies.

Türkiye Scholarships are scholarships for Turkish nationals which provide financial assistance for studies, a monthly stipend, healthcare coverage, housing and Turkish language courses. Scholarship holders also get the chance to take part in cultural activities and study at one of Turkey’s top universities.

Bilkent University offers scholarships for international students. These scholarships are merit-based, which means that they are awarded to applicants based on their grades and scores from national or international exams. The scholarships provide a percentage discount on the recipient’s course fees, which can range from  20% -100%. This depends on the recipient’s grade point average and course load requirements.

KOC University provides a number of scholarships to students. These include full scholarships, which cover the cost of tuition and provide free accommodation in dormitories. The university also offers support scholarships, which cover half the cost of tuition fees. KOC University offers a number of scholarships, including sports and book scholarships, to students who want to attend the school but cannot afford the full cost or do not meet the eligibility criteria for other types of scholarship. These scholarships are not refundable and will last as long as you remain enrolled at K.

TÜBİTAK is the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. They regularly offer scholarships to international students in a wide range of fields, including engineering, science, medicine, agriculture and humanities. Scholarships include a certain percentage of the recipient’s salary as well as healthcare coverage and free schooling.