China Youth University of Political Studies CSC Scholarship Application Process in 2022

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China Youth University of Political Studies

China Scholarship Council Facts

When applying for scholarships at China Youth University of Political Studies, here are some points to watch out for:
  • Only pre-admitted students can receive scholarships.
  • There are two types of scholarship: one from the Chinese government and the other from the university. The university offers tuition scholarships in a competitive process in order to provide financial assistance based on merit or need. It's important to note that this scholarship cannot be combined with another.
  • Free application is available for either scholarship, with a different amount of application fee required for graduate programs.

First Steps

To be considered for a "Type B" scholarship at China Youth University of Political Studies, you must first be accepted into one of the university's degree programs and then show the admissions committee that you have an outstanding academic record. Once accepted, you can access scholarships to pay for your education in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are different types of scholarships available for CUPS applicants, including some which cover tuition fees in addition to living costs. Please consult with an advisor who will assess your eligibility prior to meeting all requirements so that they can help accelerate the process.

Who Can Apply For The Scholarships

China Youth University of Political Studies does not recommend or accept applications from those who do not meet the requirements of offered scholarships. Here are what requirements you must meet before your application form is considered:
  • Must be a citizen of a country other than China and have a clear mind and healthy body
  • Requirements for age varies across programs, with Master’s candidates ineligible after 35 years old and Doctoral candidates ineligible after 45 years old. Candidates must also have a bachelor’s degree, enough to cover any gaps in their academic career. If you hold an acceptable level of qualification from another institution already, you will most likely be too academically well matched to this scholarship program.

Application Form

If you are applying for the CSC scholarship (at China Youth University of Political Studies), your application process will go like this:
Firstly, create a profile for yourself on our website. Fill in all the details that apply to you.
You will then see an inline application form that has questions relevant to the scholarship you are applying for. Fill it out properly, including (where necessary) providing your contact details and other particulars about yourself/CV/career history/educational status, etc. The information needs to be truthful or this could affect your application's outcome or result in penalties under Section 655-151 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 (invalidating your account). Please take care when filling out sensitive personal information such as health/mental health related matters or criminal records. Note that completing all of these fields is not compulsory but are useful in order to have a better understanding of applicant’s standing. If you are applying for more than one scholarship program, please note that each university will have their own agency overseeing applications - so make sure to enter their assigned agency number when asked before setting up an account on this app!Different types of scholarships are available - ones aimed at different degree levels and subject areas - so pick whichever suits yours best before being taken through a final validation page where you must fill out any remaining

How To Make Sure You Are Awarded With The Scholarship

To be considered for the China Youth University of Political Studies's China Scholarship offers, you must first go through a rigorous selection process. Candidates are not accepted on a first-come-first-served basis; instead, quite often there are over 300 applications received every year. To increase your chances of getting recommended by China Youth University of Political Studies for this scholarship, here are some steps to take:
  • Check the university's website to see what documents they require because each university differs in their requirements.
  • Check if the university additionally requires an extra application form that is separate from the CSC application form.
  • If applicable, make sure to submit soft copies of all requested documents together with your application form both before and after submitting it (if necessary).
  • Double check all information and documents you include in your completed application form to make sure they are included before submitting it.
  • Get two recommendation letters from professors who will provide invaluable support for what you claim in your completed application form by providing their thoughts about why you should be awarded this scholarship offer.

China Scholarship Council Application And Results Time Frame

-To apply for the China Youth University of Political Studies (CUPS) scholarship, you must complete the pre-admissions process between October and February.
  • After your application is accepted, you need to submit your CUPS online application by April.
  • Once reviewed, US CSC will approve scholarships around July – August so that you can start in September.

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Programs and courses available at CUPS sponsored by the China Scholarship Council

Doctor of Marxist Philosophy (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 27000
Doctor of Social Work (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 27000
Doctor of Ideological and Political Education (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 27000
Doctor of Marxism in Chinese Society (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 27000
Doctor of Basic Principles of Marxism (taught in Chinese)
Price per year: 27000

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